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We’re currently seeking:

1. Software Developers

1A. Core Plattform: Proficiency in Go and gRPC is essential. Experience in Docker (compose), AMQP, KV Storage/Graph DBs/VectorDBs, or OAuth 2.0 could be an asset.

1B. Extensions : General curiosity in cutting edge projects. Skills in ML frameworks like Pytorch or Tensorflow are preferable.

1C. Interactive 3D Map/Visualization: Experience in ordinary GIS systems (like Geoserver, QGIS, Cesium Ion) or 3D Maps (like 3D-Tiles, Cesium Ion) are desirable. Exposure to different 3D reconstruction/visualization methods like Photogrammetry, NeRF, Gaussian Splatting, or SLAM would be great.

1D. Frontend: Familiarity with Flutter/Dart for the UI is necessary. Experience in ARCore/ARKit or 3D rendering could be beneficial.


2. Electrical Engineers: Experienced with sensors, drivers, and custom hardware development.

3. Creative Enthusiasts: Specialists in UX/UI Design, technical writing, and branding.

What we offer:

  • Opportunities to work full-time, part-time, or on a mini-job basis.
  • A negotiable salary. Unlike many startups, we’re not tight on budget.
  • A young, dynamic team and an open work atmosphere.
  • A brand-new office space and potential “workations” in Dubai.

What we value:

Your hands-on experience and passion for projects matter more to us than formal education or previous work experience. We’re looking for curiosity, self-motivation, and enthusiasm for new technologies. Quick learning ability and creativity rank higher than prior experience in our books.

If you’ve always wanted to push the boundaries of technology and are keen on working on groundbreaking software, you’ve found your match with us! Drop us your application today or reach out via our social media channels.


Contact us at: or hit us up on our socials